Mouth Painting Workshop

$25.00 SGD$30.00 SGD

2 Hr Experiential Learning Art Workshop with Mouth Artist (guided)

About Anybody Can Art

Founded in 2021, Anybody Can Art is a Social Enterprise that curates Experiential Art Workshops to help build awareness, to allow participants to experience and appreciate mouth-painting with an aim to build an inclusive art platform for artists with disabilities to sell their art works and support them with financial independence. 

Our Mission

Anybody Can Art is dedicated to working closely with our stakeholders, partners and institutions to support artists with disabilities through the provision of direct learning, and the opportunity for them to teach, facilitate and be self-sustaining.

Our Vision

Empowering artists with disabilities in Singapore

You can make a difference now!

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Our Services

1. Experiential Art Workshops

2. Personalized Artworks / Painting

3. Personalized Art Items (e.g. leathers bags, purses, wallets, phone covers)

4. Customized Merchandise Items

5. 1-1 Coaching Session on Basic Oil Painting

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