Dorothy’s Axcelmaid Cleaning Service

$65.00 SGD$200.00 SGD

Having a Hard Time Facing A Messy Home & Piles Of Dirty Laundry? Fret Not, I’m here to help…🤗

Axcel Cleaning Specialists provide low maintenance part-time maid that could allow you to have more time and vitality, permitting you to spend it accomplishing a greater amount of what you cherish or need to do. Many people trust that the costs behind employing a part-time maid in Singapore will push their financial plan, Call Axcel Cleaning Specialists now to witness the difference.

Part-Time Cleaners Duties Include:

  • Vacuuming & Mopping all floors (no squatting)
  • Wiping all surfaces
  • Ironing (Max 10 to 15 pieces), no bedsheets
  • Drying of laundry (after client machine washed, no hand laundry)
  • Changing bedsheets periodically
  • Cleaning of Windows periodically (No exterior cleaning, for safety purposes)
  • Toilet washing & scrubbing
  • Washing dishes (client has to pre-soak with hot water & detergent for a minimum of 3 hours)
  • Cleaning of fans/lights (avoid high ceiling fans/lights, for safety purposes)
  • Cleaning of gas stove
  • Other errands
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