Committing to a Better Future

What does it mean to shop at VGIG?

For every item or service you purchase, you start a wave of positive change for our Freelancers and Small Businesses towards a viable home business.

Anyone, regardless of age or ability, can use our online platform. Our objective is to empower those who want to start their entrepreneurial journey with the objective of living a self-sufficient and independent life.

Discover the people behind our products and services by browsing our offerings. Help us create a Better Future of Work for our freelancers and small business owners.

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VGIG as a social enterprise supports the community in 3 United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Increase quality of education of social community to prepare for employment and entrepreneurship
  • Safe, inclusive and effective education for social community
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  • Improve economic growth with entrepreneurship and job creation.
  • Achieve productive employment and self employment for qualified social community members that will provide them equal pay for work of equal value.
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  • Empowering social community to be trained and ready for employment and self-employment globally.
  • Equal opportunities for social community regardless of their disabilities.
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“Be a global citizen…

Help us make this world safer and

more sustainable today and for the

generations that will follow us.”

Ban Ki-moon

Former Secretary-General of the United Nations