Need help with the registration? Here is the Step-by-Step Guide

In this page, we provide a step-by-step guide on the essential things to register yourself as a VGIG Buyer.


Enter your email address followed by your password.


If it is your first time visiting our web page, kindly take a moment to register yourself so that you will be able to make your order and have it delivered to you. Do remember to create a strong password by using a mixture of letters, numbers and capital letters.


In this dashboard, you get the overview of everything related to your order, payment and shipping address.


You will be able to look at all the orders you made in this VGIG Shop.


Do key in your delivery address in the Shipping Address and you may ignore the Billing Address and leave it blank.

Payment Methods

You may leave it blank as our default payment method is PayNow. We are not activating credit/debit card payment at this beta-testing stage.

Account Details

You get to configure your Display Name, edit your first & last name, email address and change your password.


This section contains all the bookings you make for the services, not products. You may cancel or edit your bookings in this section.


We recommend logging out every time you are not using our secured platform. This is to protect your account from being hacked and compromised.

Add Your Story

We would like our platform users to upload their videos of their buying experience and share their stories with our social community users.