The Story Behind VGIG

VGIG emerged from another social enterprise formed two years ago by the co-founders. They saw an increase in mobile commerce and a surge in the popularity of short films on social media.

Hence, came VGIG, a Video-centric online platform for Freelancers, GIG sellers and Small Businesses.

VGIG encourages its sellers to create short videos showcasing their abilities and promoting their products and services.

In other words, VGIG empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to create their own paths forward through entrepreneurial endeavors.


To build a reliable, smart and trusted platform for Freelancers and Small Businesses, to enable them to achieve a self-sustaining career as entrepreneurs.

Our Goals

To empower Freelancers and Small Businesses, by providing the opportunity for them to reach out to customers through our online platform and grow their businesses.

The Company

VGIG supports Freelancers and Small Businesses by providing an avenue to promote their products and services, and to showcase their abilities through inspirational short videos.

One-Stop Solution for Freelancers and Small Businesses 

Meet the Founder

Dr Neo Kin Kah